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2010-04-05 17:51:52 by alkr00

I forgot what a great community this site's got.
After reading through the comments I got for my first flash submission,
I was so surprised to see so many, and even more that wanted a follow up on it
that I decided to write a story line for it (after I have totally left it in the dark).

I will be graduating by the end of this year and I hope to get myself
a decent work computer and lots of free-time; so I will, really, will be working
on a spinoff on "Bellum Letale."

Won't be any time soon, but sure as hell it will be done.

And as for now, I shall only submit some artworks on here,
really glad Newgrounds added a static art section.




2009-03-05 21:50:31 by alkr00

finally submitted something here after having an almost dead account here for 2 years XD

some other stuff i have are here: (no animations tho besides the one i have here)


2007-08-02 22:33:42 by alkr00

gaaah... ive just finishd my latest work *see picture below* and i wudnt hav gotten through without Davidorr's mr.maestro - my vision music. that track kept me pumpd to work. dunno why but it did.. wait i must fave that one ...ah there. done. well a much bigger version can be found in here kay... cheerio~ woot to new grounds and new craze~ i lavsit~!


hello new NG

2007-07-28 04:16:55 by alkr00

well, welcome back to NG for me. im diggin the whole new groove here.
here's wat i do, digital arts, im in block ryt now and cant make one. not cos im uninspired.
but damn photoshop CS3 costs soooo much xD . well heres a sample of wat ive done in the past.
ive gotten a wee bit better i thnk, more on deviantart site. just search me out.

hello new NG